Stephen Amell celebrates 3 million followers on Instagram!

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Some go out the party favors and champagne to celebrate an event, Stephen Amell out her wig and blood! To celebrate its 3 million subscribers, Stephen Amell films himself in filming of season 5!


A new day, a new scoop on the performer Oliver Queen aka Stephen Amell! If the season 4 of Arrow ended last May tragically for the Arrow team with the departure of Diggle and Thea, and leaving fans head is filled with questions, the summer hiatus this year is long and filled with pitfalls for the fandom Green Arrow but for Stephen Amell.

There are some days, we learned that a hater was dogging her marriage, claiming that Stephen Amell was false couple with Cassandra Jean, what crazy Stephen Amell rage! atmosphere is changed now and it’s on the set of Season 5 of Arrow we find the actor celebrating something that does not happen every day: its 3 million free followers on Instagram! It is not party? For the occasion, we find Stephen Amell in a video he posted on his Instagram account, smiling and looking rather casual.

Enough to please the fans to find their favorite actor in a good mood after these difficult days for him and his family. But that’s not all, in the video that the actor can be seen dressed up for the filming of what appears to be new flashbacks this year.

It is therefore somewhat bloodied and sporting a wig performer Casey Jones announces with his typical smile and chewing a piece of gum: “3 million subscribers Instagram It’s cool Thank goodness I.! it does not have to do every day. ” Still funny that Stephen Amell!

Nice way to thank his fans for their support and especially to follow him in his daily adventures. No doubt, the 4 million subscribers will arrive soon! With this short video, the actor has of course put the fans on alert and on social networks everyone wonders what rhyme this new look, but mostly take place where the flashbacks of season 5?

Logically and according to some spoilers revealed so far is that in Russia find Oliver Queen in the new season. Enough to make the fangirls crazy! Who says Russia, said Stephen Amell speaking Russian and that, it will be worth the detour is not it ladies?

Season 5 promises to return to the basics of the series and if one believes in the good mood of Stephen Amell, who himself had confided his desire to return to the basics of Arrow, that is to say, waterfalls and action galore, it seems that the beginning of that season 5 is on the right path. Arrow will return on October 5th on the CW, and the editorial ‘of, we wondered if a character did not die from the first episode? Pray not! Follow Stephen Amell you on Instagram?


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