Gift Idea Gaming Console Or Membership -Xbox or Playstation

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You may be confused what to get a “gamer” as a gift for a birthday or other special occasions. After all, consoles can be very expensive when on a limited budget- so picking a console that the recipient doesn’t enjoy as much as others can take the value of a gift away. Buying a console is by no means a hard task, however. you can think for alternative  free Xbox Live Membership or  PlayStation Gift Cards which is less expensive and cool.

The Xbox 360 is among the highest selling game consoles, thanks to its competitive pricing and its wide support. The Xbox 360 did have a bit of trouble with faulty systems breaking down, but it seems that Microsoft has started to improve Xbox designs and cut down on the percent of failures. So long as you decide to get a new model, you should be fine.

If you don’t mind paying a little bit more than the Xbox 360, you can obtain a PS3 and send them free PlayStation Codes. The PS3, also known as the PlayStation 3, is a Sony product that has neat features such as the ability to play Blu-ray DVD discs. Also, the PS3 has many games that other consoles don’t have, thanks to exclusive agreements to video game developers. Unlike Xbox Live, PS3 owners won’t have to pay for online play.

The Nintendo Wii is another contender and is most known for it being one of the least expensive next generation consoles. The Nintendo Wii is great for families- since people of all ages can join in on the fun. Even the elderly like to play a good game of bowling with the special Wii remotes, as it resembles the real act of bowling without having to leave your living room.

Last generation consoles are still in demand but to a lesser extent. The PlayStation 2, for instance, has dropped dramatically in price- making it affordable to anyone at all. Some games such as Final Fantasy 12 are also only available on the PS2, making it a highly sought after console at times. The original Xbox doesn’t have the same support for the Xbox 360 will play most older Xbox games.

Going even further back into time, you will find classics such as the NES or SNES; The great news is that you don’t have to look hard trying to find a console that still works- you can buy old games such as this via the Nintendo Wii Store if you would be so inclined. Microsoft has launched similar programs with game developers to bring nostalgia to the consoles.

Closing Comments

If you need assistance in your decision, do be sure to ask a worker in the electronics section of the store you visit. Most often, stores will only hire those who are hip on the latest in video game technology- so don’t be afraid to rely on them for advice.

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