Fix to view Bangla Font / Content problem in website!

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How to solve to view Bangla Content related problem in Website?

Primarily please try Google Chrome browser first instead of Mozilla Firefox. We hope it would solve to view Bangla Content related problem.

To Fix the Bangla Font problem inMozilla Firefox follow the steps:

1. If you have not installed SolaimanLipi then download the font & install it.

Mozilla Bangla Font Resolution

2. Open Firefox – go to Options>Content>Fonts & Color>Advanced (see as shown in above figure). Then select “Bengali” in Font for section; then you can see the 2 default fonts for Bengali… just change these 2 fonts into “SolaimanLipi”. You may also set “Unicode (UTF-8)” the Character Encoding section. Your problem should be resolved.

3. But if the problem still remains as the header of the tabs shows distorted characters & search text box, letters are also misplaced then follow the instruction.
The problem actually happens if you change your system default font (Vrinda) to anything other like Siyam Rupali or any Unicode Bangla font. This is done when you setup Avro keyboard 5. So, the solution is, click Setup icon > Font fixer in Avro Keyboard 5 and click to Restore. After restart your PC, the problem should be fixed!

Helpful Links to solve Bangla Font related problem:

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