Coinc wide promotion: Cheque 25 € on Amazon to open your account

September 13, 2016 | | Post a Comment
Coinc September begins with developments in its successful promotion, Amazon gift voucher. New customers a COINC Account opening today between September 1 to October 1, 2016, and maintain a balance of 100 euros in it until November 1, will receive a free gift certificate from Amazon worth 25 €.
The promotion to get a check on Amazon must be a new customer of the bank, entering a promotional code in the registration form a current customer of COINC, and so both  € 25 gift check.
The COINC Bankinter Account gives you a 0.70% APR for an unlimited time and an amount of up to 50,000 euros. But now, in addition to continuing giving you discounts on travel, restaurants, technology, sports and fashion give you 25 euros for purchases on Amazon, how long this promotion is? How can you get it? Is it for new customers?
Coinc again extends the promotion: Cheque 30 € on Amazon to open your account

How to promote the COINC Account ?

Promoting COINC Account aims than those who are already customers of COINC encourage others to open this account.
They are those who are already customers of the COINC Account that can get discounts and make new customers succeed.
1. Receipt of promotional e-mail COINC.
First, the client already has opened an account will receive by e-mail an invitation to participate in the promotion, with promo code Gift Certificate 25 euros from Amazon.
Keep in mind that the codes are sent randomly, so not all COINC customers have received the promotional code, through which you can get the gift check. The promotion is only available to customers who have notified their mail.
This will be the e-mail that you send COINC:
COINC has 25 € by check gift Amazon : more information available here.
2. Getting a new customer with a COINC Account is opened.
Said customer who has gotten the coupon code should get a new customer from high in the COINC Account via the website. To verify that the customer’s identity is claiming to be, a credit of 1 € will be from the current account COINC we have indicated to open the account.
This new customer must enter in the registration process the promo code Gift Certificate 25 euros that were provided by the client recommender COINC Account.
3. Both get the discount.
After opening the account and set the goal for a new client, both the new customer as it already received a gift of 25 euros on Amazon check.
The mail client will receive both the new and the old is as follows:
€ 25 Amazon gift voucher with COINC

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