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Fix-The Current Printer Driver Is Not Compatible with a Policy Enabled on Your Computer!

“The current printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 kernel mode drivers.”  - The message shows when someone installs Microsoft Windows 2000-based printer drivers in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003.
Printer Driver Error for Windows NT 4.0/200 kernel mode driver

To fix the error message follow the instructions.

Solution for the above Error Message

To allow the installation of kernel-mode printer drivers
  1. Open Group Policy.
  2. Under Local Computer Policy, double-click Computer Configuration.
  3. Double-click Administrative Templates, and then double-click Printers.
  4. Right-click Disallow installation of printers using kernel mode drivers, and then click properties.
  5. On the Setting tab, click Disabled, and then click OK.
Know more details about the Error Message & Solution for This.

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document storage said...

These are very interesting and useful tips. I have encountered same problem and have not done anything yet to fix the problem since I am a busy person. I ended up paying printing services. But anyway, thanks for sharing these tips. I followed the steps and I'm glad my printer is now working.

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